The new Papyrus Sample Collection – designed to make your day
a little bit easier and a lot more inspiring

Yes, we actually made our new sample collection for a single person: you. It‘s carefully designed to make all your paper decisions less time-consuming, more effective and truly inspiring. Apart from the obvious fact that it is new, and therefore up to date with available products and techniques, it comes with a string of nice features to support you in your quest for the best paper solution for your customer. Including: two boxes – to make it easy to bring with you – printed samples, unprinted samples, a paper colour guide, a print technique guide and a finishing technique guide.

These are just some of the key features. We could go on for pages, but for now, it suffices to say that this is the only paper selection tool you will ever need. Get in touch with your local Papyrus contact to ask for your own set.

The following pages have more information on some of the key features that make our collection so unique.